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Jon Skeet on C# 4.0

Posted on 9/1/2009. Recording Length: 01:28:01

C# in Depth: What you need to master C# 2 and 3

In this episode, guest Jon Skeet joins Peter to discuss C# 4 in Depth. Jon takes us deep into the guts of C# 4, including how the new dynamic features work. Guest host Glen Gordon joins Peter to discuss the Windows 7 API Code Pack, LINQ to Bing!, Unit Testing, and .NET Denial of Sleep attacks! Has .NET gotten TOO complex?

You Don't Find Skeet, Skeet Finds YOU!

Posted on 5/24/2010. Recording Length: 01:32:59

In this episode, the man, the myth, the legend: C# MVP Jon Skeet joins Peter on a whirlwind tour into the bowels of the C# language. Jon talks up lambdas, expression trees, and other C# goodness. Prepare to have your brain tickled! (Interview starts at 31:18) Also, guest host Andrew Brust joins Peter to rap about phpBB in the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, Office 2010, Windows Phone 7, and HTML5 video.

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