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JNBridge - Spanning Java and .NET

Posted on 7/14/2009. Recording Length: 00:57:38

In this episode Dmitry and Peter talk about new product releases including Silverlight 3 and Blend 3 RC, people liking Bing?, Project Morro, Chrome OS and Microsofts recent Mono announcement. Finally we jump into our interview with Wayne Citrin who talks about connecting Java and .NET applications using JNBridge. Wayne explains the magic of making .NET and Java objects appear as native in the other language making development easier.

Project Stonehenge… interoperability!

Posted on 6/22/2009. Recording Length: 01:12:26

In this episode we start by talking to Andrew Brust on Microsoft’s move to kill the Oracle Data Provider and how the world is not coming to an end. Then, Peter and I talk again about his trip to JavaOne including HTML 5 vs. RIA applications (like Silverlight). Finally, we jump into Peter's JavaOne interview with Ted Neward on Project Stonehenge and interoperability between Java and .NET.

Claudio Caldato on PHP & ADO.NET Data Services

Posted on 10/14/2009. Recording Length: 01:23:29

In this episode, guest Claudio Caldato joins Peter to discuss interoperability at Microsoft and how his team is working to make Windows Azure cloud services more accessible to PHP developers. Claudio provides us details on the PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services. Guest host G. Andrew Duthie joins Peter to discuss Office Starter 2010, the wonders of VHDs, Red Hat & Microsoft interoperability, the ASP.NET MVC Firestarter, and “Are we really smarter than you?”.

PDC 2009 Pizza Party

Posted on 12/4/2009. Recording Length: 01:11:24

In this episode guests Sumit Chawla & Tim Wise join Peter to discuss offloading a Java server infrastructure to Windows Azure to save pizza money (Starts at 40:31). Guest hosts Gary Russo and Sara Chipps also join me for a wrap up of PDC 2009.


Posted on 1/6/2010. Recording Length: 00:58:30

In this episode, guest Maarten Balliauw joins Peter to discuss his implementation of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for PHP and linking (non-pun intended) PHP to Microsoft Office Excel via the PHPExcel project. Maarten is a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET and a PHP developer. Also, Dmitry and Peter discuss WinCache for PHP 1.0, Moonlight 2.0, and having a backup strategy.

It's Codeplex dot COM!

Posted on 4/19/2010. Recording Length: 01:21:34

In this episode, Microsoft's own Sara Ford joins Peter to discuss her work on the open source software hosting platform. Sara dishes on how the team evolved the site over time using Agile methodologies, as well as her own journey from Visual Studio tipster to Silicon Valley Technology Evangelist (Interview starts at 21:39). Also on tap, guest host Dani Diaz joins Peter to cover the latest Microsoft interoperability news including: Nick Knocks, CoApp, SQL Reporting Services for PHP, oData, and PHP on Azure.

PHP on Windows

Posted on 6/9/2010. Recording Length: 01:16:23

In this episode, guests Kanwaljeet Singla, Don Raman, and Wade Hilmo from the Microsoft IIS team join Peter to discuss the evolution of PHP on the Windows Platform. The IIS folks tell us about the improvements made to Windows in order to support PHP, including: Fast CGI, WinCache, PHP 5.3, the Web PI, and the SQL Server driver for PHP. (Interview starts at 24:31) Also, Dmitry and Peter rap about Windows Azure, Bing Maps, Expression Studio 4, & some 'select developer' news about Windows Phone 7! All in Klingon to boot!

CoApp: Do EPIC Schtuff!

Posted on 6/25/2010. Recording Length: 01:08:55

In this episode, guest Garrett Serack from the Microsoft Open Source Technology Center joins Peter to discuss CoApp, a new package manager for the Windows platform. Garrett tells us how CoApp will help make it easier for developers and users to build and install open source software on Windows. (Interview starts at 34:15) Also, Dmitry and Peter rap about Windows Phone 7, WCF, Outlook PST files, Visual Studio 2010 Power Tools, and IQueryable killing his cat.

Apache Stonehenge M2

Posted on 8/9/2010. Recording Length: 01:11:03

In this episode, guests Ben Dewey & Kent Brown join Peter to discuss the latest release of the Apache Stonehenge project. Ben & Kent talk about the .NET, Java, and PHP interoperability project and how it now handles identity. (Interview starts at 26:21) Also, Dmitry & Peter rap about Web Farms, Ribbons & Bows, Windows Phone 7, and Power Tools. They also take us on another trip to Dmitry’s SoapBox!

WCF? Droid Does!

Posted on 11/19/2010. Recording Length: 00:53:07

And, we’re back! In an increasingly diverse world of mobile devices, the .NET developer is likely to end up supporting multiple mobile platforms. In this episode, guest Roger Heim joins Peter to talk about connecting .NET & WCF Services with Android clients. Also, Dmitry unknowingly joins the show with his take on the PDC 2010 announcements. Peter covers the (in)sanity of Silverlight v. HTML5.

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