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The One About The News

Posted on 3/10/2010. Recording Length: 00:54:44

In this episode Peter and Dmitry run solo to discuss the latest ‘buzz’ around the web, Jon Skeet jokes, marriage and other “developer” topics. Eventually the duo also covers hard news such as CodePlex updates, Visual Studio 2010 RC, Azure Platform updates, Moonlight and much more.

Dmitry's Soapbox

Posted on 7/22/2010. Recording Length: 01:29:26

In this episode, guest host Andrew Brust is back again, joining Dmitry & Peter to talk about all of the tech news from Microsoft's Wordwide Partner Conference in Washington, DC. The trio talks about WebMatrix, Internet Explorer 9 Preview 3, Windows Phone 7, and the newly announced Windows Azure Appliance. A raging Dmitry also shares his poppin’ passion for HTML5.

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