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PRISM for Silverlight

Posted on 7/6/2009. Recording Length: 00:47:50

MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-561): Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 ADO.NET Application Development (Self-Paced Training Kits)

In this episode we talk about Dmitry cutting the cable, new PHP 5.3 release, IE8 features / new ad campaign and TwitterMatic. Finally we jump into our interview with Shawn Wildermuth and discuss PRISM v2 in Silverlight, the MVVM design pattern and how PRISM makes building complex Silverlight applications easier.

Silverlight 3 Beta

Posted on 6/16/2009. Recording Length: 00:57:12

Introducing Microsoft® Silverlight(TM) 3

In this episode we talk with Peter about his visit to JavaOne in San Francisco. Then we discuss the new Bing 411 phone service, changes to the Bing API, the new Windows 7 Training Kit and MVC and Visual Studio 2010. Finally we jump into our interview with Laurence Moroney on Silverlight 3 beta, Smooth Streaming and more!

Get LIT With Silverlight & WPF 4

Posted on 5/5/2010. Recording Length: 01:01:23

In this episode, guest Pete Brown joins Peter to discuss the recent release of Silverlight 4 & WPF4. Pete talks about how to light up with COM and do some crazy stuff on your client. Mics, webcams, and sensors, oh my! (Interview starts at 13:34) Also on tap, guest host Dane Morgridge joins me to cover the latest Microsoft developer & interoperability news including: Enterprise Library 5 and new SQL Server drivers for Java & PHP.

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