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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1

Posted on 6/7/2009. Recording Length: 00:58:08

In this episode we talk about Peter’s recent bar camp presentation on “cutting the cable bill” and other hot news topics like Then we jump into our interview with Tony Goodhew of Microsoft Corporation on Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. Tony describes major features coming for various groups of developers and crosscutting functionality like Multi-monitor support!

Cat Ladies & Acne-Laden Teenagers

Posted on 8/18/2010. Recording Length: 01:16:23

In this episode, Dmitry and Peter cover the latest news around the Microsoft developer space, including Windows Azure updates, interoperability, & Windows Phone 7. They also talk about the new Visual Studio LightSwitch. Is it really for cat ladies? Peter & Dmitry discuss who the target audience is for LightSwitch as well as how some in the community feel it may or may not impact professional Microsoft Developers in the industry.

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