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PHP SDK for Windows Azure

Posted on 5/27/2009. Recording Length: 00:36:19

In this episode Dmitry welcomes a new co-host, Peter Laudati. Next, we speak to Maarten Balliauw about the new PHP SDK for Windows Azure which is designed to help PHP developers use Windows Azure services.

Azure Storage

Posted on 3/9/2009. Recording Length: 00:16:22

In this Episode we speak to Chris Rolon of Neusdesic Corporation on Windows Azure Storage. Chris gives an overview of the various ways one can store data in Windows Azure and provides insight on his experiences working with the platform.

Steve Marx on Azure

Posted on 8/30/2010. Recording Length: 00:58:40

In this episode, the one and only Windows Azure Tactical Strategist, Steve Marx, joins Dmitry and Peter to give us an update on the Windows Azure platform. Steve talks about common real world Windows Azure use patterns, including storage and compute instance configurations. Steve uses some strategic tactics to tell us what's in the tea leaves for the future of Azure. Peter also responds to 'cat ladies & acne-laden teenagers' by sharing 'The Memo'.

The Battle of The 5s

Posted on 12/15/2010. Recording Length: 00:55:08

In this episode, guest Andrew Brust joins Peter to re-cap the recent Microsoft PDC 2010 conference and Silverlight 5 Firestarter. Andrew and Peter discuss the latest Azure platform developments, including VM role, Admin mode, and SQL Azure sharding. Also, Andrew provides us with some blue badge analysis on the future of Silverlight in an HTML5 world.

Migrating World Maps To Azure

Posted on 1/7/2011. Recording Length: 01:25:51

In this episode, guest Brian Hitney joins Peter to discuss how he migrated the My World Maps application to Windows Azure. Brian talks about migration issues, scalability challenges, and blowing up shared hosting. (Interview starts at 18:25.) Also, Dmitry and Peter rap about Dancing with the Stars, the XBox 360 Kinect, Dmitry’s TWiT application for Windows Phone 7, and 'Camp Gowanus'.

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