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Is That A Phone In Your Pocket?!

Posted on 2/22/2010. Recording Length: 00:54:08

In this episode, guest host Andrew Brust joins Peter to cover the Windows Phone 7 Series news from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Also, Andrew and Peter discuss the latest developer & interoperability news, including: The Enterprise Library roadmap from the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team, Zend Framework’s support for Windows Azure, and innovation at Microsoft.

Spelunking Windows Phone 7 Development

Posted on 9/19/2010. Recording Length: 01:25:13

In this episode, 'guest' Dmitry Lyalin joins Peter to talk about building a real world Windows Phone 7 application. Dmitry unveils his application for Windows Phone 7 and walks us through how he developed it. Also, Dmitry and I cover the latest Microsoft developer news, including ASP.NET security, Windows Phone Dev tools, and the Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

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